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Mallard's Rest, January 1st

The last couple days we’ve had decent weather (30-40 degrees) with very little wind.  Looks like all that is changing however with snow on it’s way and colder temperatures.  This will likely make fishing the Yellowstone difficult again with flowing slush and ice shelves.  The river is low – about 1,150 CFS right now which makes floating dangerous in the winter.  If you are going to try wade fishing town is the best option as the flows in the valley and down low are more prone to icing up.

More snow on the way...

The Spring Creeks are still the best option around here for winter time fishing.  If you catch the right day the fish have been up sipping on midges.  Most days you’ll do better nymph fishing with scuds, sow bugs, midge larva, or sparse, sawyer-style pheasant tails.  Winter rates are still $40.00 until April 15th.

Jedwards, staying warm on DePuy's Spring Creek