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Browns are colored up right now...

We’ve had a few cold spells since our last report.  As such water temperatures have dropped (and so has the streamer bite) but fish are still taking nymphs.  Most of the runs on the Yellowstone are either empty or taken over by rainbows or browns too small to spawn.  The bigger browns (as well as the fall false spawning cut-bows) are on or near their redds.  By mid to late November many of these fish will be done spawning.  It’s hard to say if they will stick around or head back to more normal lies.   There has certainly been a lot less pressure on the Yellowstone lately, enough that if you want to float a specific (non-town) float you better take two vehicles or call the shuttle company the night before to get the section you want to float “Okayed” for a shuttle.   Should the boat already be stored for the winter, the spring creeks would be a great option.  At this point we’ve been seeing more midges than baetis, but the warmer water temp has fishing rising and feeding through out the day.  Rates are $40, give us a call if you want to book a rod or a guide.  406-222-7130.

Tripple Locked.