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Fishing on the Stone has been slow but we are starting to see more browns again

The past couple weeks the Yellowstone has been pretty slow, mostly because the larger browns have been in side channels or tributaries spawning on their redds.  We are finally starting to see some of these browns return back to the main runs and riffles which is encouraging.  It’s been windy for the most part, but on calmer afternoons there have been some decent midge hatches.  Unfortunately we have not seen much for rising fish.  Due to the colder water temps, dead drifting buggers and nymphs has been more productive than stripping streamers.  Think shorter floats this time of year as you’ll want to capitalize mostly on the warmest part of the day, which is typically the 10:00AM – 4:00PM window.

Winter rates on the Spring Creeks are $40 per rod right now

If you have already put your boat up for winter storage, consider spending a day or two this winter on one of Paradise Valley’s three spring creeks:  Armstrong’s, Nelson’s, or DePuy’s.  The water temperatures are significantly warmer than the river and the fish are more actively feeding on midges, scuds, and other small nymphs.  Although the creeks are seeing a lot less pressure now, remember the water is still gin clear and you’ll want be stealthy when approaching the stream.  4X is about as large of tippet as we’ll use out here, with 5 and 6X being more of the norm.  Give us a call if you’d like to book a guide or simply have us help you book a rod.  406-222-7130.