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The mild spring weather we are having has brought the water temperatures up enough to create excellent spring hatches of both blue winged olives and midges a few weeks ahead of schedule.  Blue Winged Olive hatches are now present on the Yellowstone, Bighorn and Paradise Valley Spring Creeks.  Wind has been the only deterrent to the hatch from one day to the next.

Armstrong's Rainbow that ate a BWO Dry Fly

Paradise Valley Spring Creeks
We had guided trips out on Armstrong’s spring creek this week.  Anglers were able to take advantage of about a 4 hour window of dry fly fishing in the early afternoon with Blue Winged Olives.  Nymph fishing with egg patterns, midges and scuds was productive in the morning.  Depuy’s has been fishing really well this week with sub surface imitations including zebra midges, miracle nymphs and small pheasant tails.




Bighorn River Stomach Sample - Midges & BWO's

Bighorn River
Many anglers from Southwest Montana have been heading east to fish the Bighorn River over the past few weeks.  Temperatures have been especially warm in the plains of Eastern Montana which has really ramped up the dry fly fishing on the Bighorn.  Hatches of both Midges and Blue Winged Olives are present from the Afterbay to Bighorn Accesses and fish can be found feeding from just about sun-up to sun-down.  Standard fare underneath including sowbugs and midge larva are taking fish underneath.  Call us or stop in for more information on the Bighorn!


Yellowstone River
When the wind stops blowing for a minute the baetis fishing has been great on the Yellowstone.  Look for cloudy days to be your best shot for a big brown with a streamer.  Streamers both stripped on sink tips and under indicators are both working.  As temperatures increase expect the Shields River to be dumping dirty water into the Yellowstone.  89 is back open for business, but would probably make a better take out than put in (at least water clarity wise).

Evening Hook-Up on the Bighorn