Yellowstone Angler Staff

The people who make up the Yellowstone Angler are recognized as some of the most helpful in the business. All expert fishermen, they'd be happy to respond to your questions by phone or via e-mail:[email protected].



George AndersonGeorge Anderson

George is the general manager and owner of the Yellowstone Angler here in Livingston, Montana.  He started his fly-fishing career in the Catskill Mountains of New York but refined it the Rocky Mountain West while attending the University of Colorado and working summers in West Yellowstone Montana, managing a tackle shop there for the Eagles.  After graduating from CU’s business school, George and his wife moved to Livingston Montana where George worked as assist. Manager for Dan Bailey’s for six years before opening The Yellowstone Angler in the fall of 1979.  In 1985 the “new” shop was built where it exists today, a half mile south of Livingston on Highway 89.  Over the years George has written many fly fishing articles that have appeared in Fly Fisherman, Trout, Big Sky Journal, Saltwater Fly Fishing and several Scientific Anglers publications.  In 1989 and 1990 George won top individual honors at the Jackson Hole One-Fly in the only two years he fished in the event, setting records for numbers of trout caught on his own George’s Rubber Legged Brown Stone nymph.  In addition he has appeared as guest angler on many television fly fishing shows like John Barrett’s “Fly Fishing the World”, and saltwater angling shows like Jose Wejebe’s “Spanish Fly” catching big tarpon in the Florida Keys.  With Trevor Gowdy, George was the guest angler for two ESPN shows that were filmed in Cuba’s Jardines de la Reina, flats fishing for bonefish, tarpon and permit.  George’s love of saltwater fly-fishing has led to arranging and hosting saltwater trips each year with friends to various destinations in the Caribbean. George also hosts trout fishing trips each year to Alaska, Argentina, and other world-class destinations. When he’s not fishing he enjoys golf, alpine skiing, scuba diving, bird hunting and riding his KTM motorcycles in the dirt and his Ducati motorcycles on the street.  You can e-mail George at: [email protected]


James Anderson

James Anderson

James, or “Jamie” was lucky enough to be born in Livingston, MT to George and Kathryn Anderson.  Never wanting to take things for granted, James has worked hard over the years to eventually earn his position as general manager, part owner, and the outfitter for the Yellowstone Angler (#8969).  James graduated from Middlebury College with a bachelor of arts degree in Chinese language and culture.  Before returning to the shop full-time, he spent several years working in China and Taiwan in the import/export business.  James has been lucky enough to host fishing trips to Alaska, Mexico, Belize, and Argentina.  When James isn’t in the shop or on the water he enjoys motorcycling, skiing, and spending time with his family.  Please feel free to contact him at: [email protected]



Logan Brown

Logan Brown

Logan is our guide bookings manager.  He was born and raised in Longmont, Colorado.  His addiction for fly-fishing started in high school with frequent trips to Rocky Mountain National Park.  The St.Vrain River and some high alpine lakes were at the top of his back yard fishing list.  In 2005, Logan moved to Montana to pursue a degree in Political Science from MSU in Bozeman. During his four years at MSU Logan travelled all over the state, exploring all the amazing fisheries this state has to offer. If you have a question about a blue ribbon stream or main river Logan will know where to go, when to go, and what to use.  However, Good luck getting him to talk about his favorite smaller waters.  While attending MSU he took a semester abroad and traveled on a month long road trip across Azerbiajan, Georgia, Turkey.  He also knows more Australian slang than anyone we know, (which is pretty fair dinkum mate)!  He’s fished for a variety of salt water and freswater species and is knowledgeable about both freshwater and saltwater tackle and flies.  Logan has been working in professional kitchens for 10 years prior to joining Yellowstone Angler, so you can be sure that you’re streamside lunch on guided float trips will be second to none!  In the winter, (which is about the only time you won’t see Logan on the water), he is an avid snowboarder at Bridger Bowl.  In addition to being our guide bookings manager, Logan is also responsible for the majority of the big fish landed by our shop staff.  You can e-mail Logan at:  [email protected]






Francis CloughertyFrancis Clougherty


Growing up in Southern California, the fishing and camping trips his father took him on as a young kid, (mostly out to the Eastern Sierras), got Francis hooked on fishing, hunting and being in the outdoors.  By the time he got his drivers license he was tracking down big carp in and around Los Angeles County and taking weekend trips into the high Sierras and San Gaberiels in search of trout.  Going to college in Northern California, Francis was able to explore and expand on the bodies of water as well as species targeted, including stripers cruising just outside the surf to steelhead making they way up the Russian or Eel river from the Pacific.  After getting his degree in International Relations, Francis moved out to Montana to pursue a life filled with mountains, fish, feathers and fresh air.  If he's not in the shop you’ll find, bird hunting with his Large Munsterland.  You can e-mail Francis at: [email protected]






Todd Barber Disco Buck!Todd Barber


Todd started fishing as a kid first in the midwest and in his teen years the high-country of Colorado. He grew up fishing panther martins out of his Dad's lake boat for trout at 8 years old. His passion for fly-fishing and rivers really hit another level when he moved to Gunnison Colorado for college, where he graduated with a degree in experimental psychology. In 2012, he moved to Montana for the skiing and numerous bodies of water that the treasure state has to offer.  If Todd isn't on the Stone he's likely on more under the radar streams and rivers, (but you won't hear him “hot spotting” those).  He has been lucky enough to fly fish in Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and of course Montana.  He has a laundry list of places he wants to fish including Iceland, New Zealand, and the British Virgin Islands.  Whether you’re buying your first rod, or putting together multiple outfits for a dream trip, Todd will take the time and effort to make sure everything is set up perfectly. Todd is a licensed EMT in Montana and in the winter he is a Professional Ski Patroller at Big Sky.   You can e-mail Todd at: [email protected]




Chloe Nostrant

 Chloe began her fly fishing career in high school in Bozeman. She carried fly fishing with her through college, where she studied photography, to now and works full time at the shop.  She leads women’s fishing trips into Yellowstone National Park during the summer (you can find info here). When she isn’t fishing, she can be found skiing up and down mountains, chasing pheasants or photographing the landscapes and people of the American West (or writing about any of those things).  You can see her work at You can email Chloe at [email protected]