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VG with an afterwork boat ramp brown. Photo: LB

With kids going back to school we have seen a little less traffic on the Yellowstone this week.  The bigger fish have been looking up lately and focussing on dries rather than streamers.  Nymphs have been working well too, however the white fish bite has been heating up, especially on size #14-18 beadhead nymphs.  Trout will eat these types of nymphs too, it’s just that their are a lot of whitefish out there and they often beat the trout to the punch.  Rubberlegs have still been working well.  Lots of guides will fish these under a chubby or a bobber, depending on their clients skill level.  Although everyone is out looking for the big brown, it’s the solid 15-17″ rainbows that have been on the prowl and have been putting up some impressive fights.  Give us a call to book a trip… 406-222-7130.