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Guide Marcus McGuire enjoying an evening float. Photo: Doug Mcknight
Jay O'Neil with a brown full of salmonflies! Photo: Hank Bechard

The Yellowstone has been fishing very well the last few days.  The best action has been up high in the middle of the salmonfly hatch.  The bugs have made it all the way up to Gardiner now, but are scattered about the willows even as low as Mill Creek Bridge.  We had a couple clients (in different boats) get over a hundred hits on salmonfly and goldenstone dries one day!   As one would imagine, the fish are holding extremely tight to the willows, so plan on fishing with 2X or thicker tippet, (or plan on bringing lots flies).  This week’s forecast is calling for 20% chance of thunderstorms, so hopefully we won’t see any mud coming from the Larmar Valley.  With temperatures well into the 90’s the mornings will likely fish better when water temps are lower.  The other good time to get out will be after 5:00, when the light gets lower and the water temperature starts to drop again.  Town is still the better section to throw streamers.   CFS at Carter’s is now around 8,260.  For the streamer fishing to be red hot down low we’ll want to see at least another drop of 1,000 CFS or so…