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First off, a big THANK YOU to everyone who got out yesterday morning and helped with the river clean up!  Looks like we got over 10,000 lbs of scrap metal, tires, broken glass, and trash out of the river and on it’s way to recycling – great job guys!  Check out the  news video…

As far as fishing goes, the Yellowstone has just cleared up to about 2-3 feet of visibility – perfect for throwing big streamers and going for after a burly town brown.  We’ve been seeing good numbers of March Browns below 89, but not much for rising fish.  Paradise Valley remains your best bet if you want to get into them on top (usually 10 mph less wind up there, plus a higher fish count per mile than down low).  Bring midges on bright days, and a mix of March Browns or baetis on cloudy days.

Flows have dropped back down to around 2,700 CFS, but there has been some tricky hydraulics out there, so make sure whoever is rowing knows what they are doing.