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3 browns over 20 – not bad for mud buggin!   Photos: James D.

5.20  We’ve had a little drop in CFS over the past day or two, and clarity has improved to at least a few inches.  Below the Shield’s there is no vis.   With this change in weather the Yellowstone is festering, so streamer fisherman may have one last chance before the river explodes into full runoff.  Keep a close eye on the CFS at Carters and the CFS at Corwin.  If it keeps dropping you might consider little afterwork wade fishing.  Last but not least, check out the webcam above Yankee Jim.

Seen this fish before?

This time of year can be dangerous on the oars, even for the experts.  If you do chose to float please do so with extreme caution.  You’ll find fish wherever you find slower pockets and calmer spots, eddies, wherever you see water pillow off a faster current towards slower water, preferably with structure.  I think for the most part the fish are hiding out so you have to really read the water and put in on their head.  The streamers splashing in the water seemed to help, especially for the bank eaters.

I feel somewhat guilty posting these photos as usually I don’t catch squat in the mud.  Must have been all those days “paying dues” last year.  Pay day was pretty sweet.  Anyway, like I said, you can still catch some nice fish in the mud, but from our experience, it’s usually not worth the effort.  Here are a few other options for now:

Spring Creeks (still $75 until 6/15) – with all the overcast days coming up the baetis should really be popping!  Get out there!

Local and Private Lakes – this is our favorite option this time of year, with plenty of callibaetis hatches starting already!

Tailwaters – The MO has been really high but some big fish to be had.  The Bighorn has blown out lately by high waters and flooding!  The Lower Madison will be good on the rainy days ahead – look for March Browns, Beatis, and caddis but brings some streamers too.

Small streams Now open, but high (opened Saturday the 21st).

Yellowstone National Park opens the next weekend (Saturday the 28th).  Should be some PMD’s on the Firehole!

Salt Water trip – Now is a good time of year to catch big tarpon and snook!  If it is too late for this year think about next year!  We know lots of good guides in FL and around the world – give us a call…