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Guide Bob Bergquist and Quinn Hiaasen with a healthy brown... Photo: Carl Hiaasen
The "bird float" always a good bet ...

The Yellowstone continues to produce some nice fish this week along with countless fish under 16 inches.  We’ve had more doubles than we can remember, nearly three doubles a float or better.  When will the frenzy end???  It’s hard to say for sure.  The salmonflies are already above the canyon, (the bulk of the hatch now Carbella to Grey Owl), but there are still hundreds of thousands of caddis on the river as well as golden stones, sallies, and chocolate caddis.  Although we have caught some fish on caddis droppers, the game to play has been chubbies tight to the bank, as in an inch from the bank.  When possible try to get a reach cast so that your fly is down stream from your line as soon as it hits (so you don’t have to mend as much).  We’ve also seen some long drift techniques working well 6-12 feet off the bank.  If you can feed line and keep mending as needed 100+ foot drifts are possible and fish responding positively.  Later floaters might experience more refusals than the early bird floaters, so don’t be afraid to get out early.  Shop hours are 7:00Am to 6:00PM everyday for the rest of the summer.  Give us a call to book a guide, you’ll want to get out there ASAP while the dry fly action is still on fire.  406-222-7130.

Chloe Nostrant - keeping it reel. Photo: James Anderson
Josh Edwards and Paul Vais tag another toad! Photo: Julia Vais
Theresa and Jamie with a nice carbella brown... Photo: Chloe Nostrant