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9th street bridge, (Monday 6/17)

The Yellowstone is still running fast and high, and while people are itching to get out there we have been fishing other waters instead.  The Lower Madison, Spring Creeks, and private lakes have all been better options for now.  Its a strange year for runoff.  There is still a lot of snow in the mountains, (snow water-equivalent is now around 150%) which means we will have plenty of water through August and September.  Typically with such high snowpack figures we see a later clearing of the stone, but the hydrograph is predicting the Yellowstone to drop into fishable levels later this week and next week.  We think the Yellowstone will be dropping the next few days and into next week, (due to the cold front coming in) but will be back to runoff levels until around July 1st.  As they say, “It’s hard tellin’ not knowin’…”  Your guess is as good as ours.

Too fast in town, (Monday 6/17)
Current Montana Snowpack
Yellowstone hydrograph prediction...