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Gray Edmiston with a great looking fish down low... Photo: Chad Lillie
Andy Babcock with a 22" toad from down low... Photo: Brian Sienkowski

If you have a chance to get out and fish the Yellowstone this weekend, this would be a good time to do it!  There have definitely been lulls through out each day, but when the fish turn on the fishing has been epic.  Hoppers and streamers have been best flies for targeting larger, 20 + browns.  For rainbows, cutbows, and cutthroat 18 and under, the green goblin has been crushing it, as have size #14-16 pheasant tails, lightning bugs, and lil’ spankers.  If you are looking for the best dry fly action, try up high or through the middle of the Valley.  Many guides have commented on how well the river is fishing anywhere between Carbella and Carter’s.   Small hoppers are working very well up high, especially with dry droppers like an ant, caddis, or general attractor pattern.  Through town has fished better with nymphs or streamers, particularly on the inside riffle corners.  Down low has been fishing well with larger hoppers, long droppers, or streamers.  Fish are starting to move off of the bank, so don’t be afraid to fish the middle of the river or 10-20 feet off the bank…