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Yellowstone Angler Core Guides

Yellowstone Angler acts as a booking agent for Montana’s finest, most in-demand outfitters and guides. We’d proudly put these “core” guides head to head with the best in Montana. They are the reason our guide service has been a big success over the years, with lots of satisfied return clients. More importantly, they understand that you are here not just to fish but to have fun and learn something in the process. We have exclusive booking rights from July through September with the core guides, so if you’d like to go with one of them simply call the shop and we’ll take care of the details. Their schedules get booked quickly, so be sure to contact us early in the year if you want to set up a trip. However, if you roll into town unexpectedly, we always welcome walk-in business. In addition to the core guides, we also book trips for about 20 other different outfitters and guides in the Greater Yellowstone area, who have worked with us for several years and who we stand behind. Give us a call to book a trip! 406-222-7130.

Eric Paulson

Eric is the senior outfitter/guide for the Yellowstone Angler.  He started his fly-fishing career in the Pacific Northwest.  Growing up in an outdoor-oriented family, Eric spent his time fishing and hunting in waters and terrain ranging from those of the Pacific Coast to western Montana.

In 1989, Eric moved to Bozeman, Montana to chase a college football dream with Montana State University.  Eric found this dream to be short-lived and found the exploration of the greater Yellowstone area to be his passion.  His guide experience includes the vast majority of rivers and streams that are in the infamous 300-mile circle of southwest Montana.  In addition, Eric has guided steelhead in Idaho and currently guides on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula for wild Winter Steelhead. Eric has spent substantial time fishing various waters around the globe including Christmas Island and in New Zealand.

Eric has had photos appear in a number of outdoor publications and websites varying from the Yellowstone Angler website to Fly Fisherman Magazine.  In addition, Eric has spent time working with National Geographic Television on a developing series and is a fly designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants.  His flies include the Flutter Bug, Tick, and the Hot Head Ray.

Eric’s passions, outside of fly-fishing, include big game hunting, horseback riding, skiing, western history, Montana real estate, and his family.  Eric lives in the historic mill town of Gallatin Gateway with his wife Carissa and two young children.  Eric is his own Montana Outfitter #6869. He possesses exclusive outfitter permits for the Madison, Beaverhead, and Big Hole rivers.  Eric works under his own Washington guide license and works under the Yellowstone Angler’s Yellowstone Park permit when providing guide service in Yellowstone National Park.

You can read more about Eric’s website:

Eric is his own outfitter: 1. Eric Paulson, 2. Eric Paulson, 3. 1721 Gateway South Road, Gallatin Gateway, MT 59730 4. 406-220-9507, 5. Outfitter License #6869.

Ashby Bell

Ashby grew up in Southern Pennsylvania, never forgetting his first visit to the Yellowstone area at the age of 10. He has been exploring the waters of Montana since moving here for college in 1999. Ashby received a BS in Biology from MSU, with an emphasis in ecology and is thus extremely knowledgeable when it comes to bugs, fish, and their environment. Ashby is a very fun, easy-going, and patient guide that truly enjoys teaching beginners how to catch fish. He enjoys fishing dry flies when other guides may choose to take the easy route and nymph under a bobber. He definitely has a knack for fooling and landing big browns too, (be sure to click on his photo for more big fish pics), which keeps his regulars coming back year after year. Ashby pulls hard on the oars and can handle some serious white water while always putting his clients in a good and safe position to make fishing easier. While Ashby is one of the better Yellowstone guides we know, he is also very good on the Madison, Jefferson, Gallatin and Spring Creeks – where he spent the majority of his free time in college. In recent years Ashby has also guided a fair amount on the North Platte during the offseason and knows how to land the big ones on the Grey Reef. When Ashby isn’t on the water here in Montana or Wyoming, he enjoys skiing, snowmobiling, and spending time with his family.

Ashby guides under James’ Outfitter License: 1. James Anderson, 2. James Anderson, 3. 209 South 7th Street, Livingston, MT 59047 4. 406-222-7130 5. James’ Outfitter License is #8969.

Chase Chapman

Chase Chapman – Chase is from Austin, TX. He studied General Agriculture/Animal Science at Stephen F Austin State University. Growing up in Texas, fishing and hunting provided an escape from the hard work on his family farm. Chase and his brother were fortunate enough to have a father who loved hunting and fishing and instilled proper outdoor ethics and skills at an early age. On a family trip to the Eastern Sierras, Chase was introduced to fly fishing. He had a hard time comprehending the sport upon first glance but knew it was something he was meant to do. Although fly fishing provided a lot of challenges and even took years off his life, he stuck in there and has become a great angler and guide. Chase jokes at the end of his life he will have no fishing mojo left, because he unselfishly gave it all to his clients! Chase is a “hoot” and is one of the most personable guides on our staff and has some fantastic stories featuring fishing destinations involving bear, beavers and even Bigfoot encounters. However, if you want to hear these stories for yourself you’ll have to book Chase for a float down the Yellowstone or a walk and wade trip in Yellowstone National Park!

Chase guides under James’ Outfitter License: 1. James Anderson, 2. James Anderson, 3. 209 South 7th Street, Livingston, MT 59047 4. 406-222-7130 5. James’ Outfitter License is #8969.

Francis Clougherty

Growing up in Southern California, the fishing and camping trips his father took him on as a young kid, (mostly out to the Eastern Sierras), got Francis hooked on fishing, hunting and being in the outdoors. By the time he got his driver’s license, he was tracking down big carp in and around Los Angeles County and taking weekend trips into the high Sierras and San Gabriel Mountains in search of trout. Going to college in Northern California, Francis was able to explore and expand on the bodies of water as well as species targeted, including stripers cruising just outside the surf to steelhead making they way up the Russian or Eel river from the Pacific. After getting his degree in International Relations from Sonoma State University Francis moved out to Montana to pursue a life filled with mountains, fish, feathers and fresh air. Shortly after moving to the state he joined the Yellowstone Angler staff and as proven to be an asset both in the shop and on the water.

Francis guides under James’ Outfitter License: 1. James Anderson, 2. James Anderson, 3. 209 South 7th Street, Livingston, MT 59047 4. 406-222-7130 5. James’ Outfitter License is #8969.

Holden Russell

Born and raised in Boone, North Carolina, Holden’s passion for fly-fishing grew quickly due to the vast amount of wilderness and the wide variety of water conveniently located close to home. Over the past two years, his main focus has transitioned from chasing wild trout on small creeks in the Appalachians and tailwaters found in Eastern Tennessee, to floating and fishing on the iconic rivers of the West like the Yellowstone. Holden has quickly learned the ins and outs of Montana’s most premier trout waters including the Yellowstone, Madison, Gallatin, and the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks. From the east coast to the west, you’ll find him chasing fish of all kinds, but for Holden, nothing beats the tug of a big wild brown! In his free time, if you don’t see him on the water, you’ll most likely find him hiking or just hanging out with his chocolate lab, Simms. But most likely you’ll find him on the water!!!

Holden guides under James’ Outfitter License: 1. James Anderson, 2. James Anderson, 3. 209 South 7th Street, Livingston, MT 59047 4. 406-222-7130 5. James’ Outfitter License is #8969.