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Check Out Our Inventory Of The Best Fly Rods From Yellowstone Angler

Historians aren’t certain of just when fly fishing began, but there are references to fishing with an artificial fly dating back all the way to the end of the second century. It’s generally accepted that fly fishing began with a hand line before the line was tied to a branch. Of course, today’s fly rods are so much more than mere sticks that help position the fly. A modern fly rod is a culmination of advanced engineering and centuries of refinement. That means you can find the perfect fly rod for virtually any condition, fish species, and body of water.

At the Yellowstone Angler, we’re passionate about fly fishing and proud to offer a wide range of industry’s top fly rod brands. Whether you stop by our location in Livingston, MT or order online, fly rods from the likes of Sage, Echo, and Scott are available in our store. We also carry fly rods by Orvis and other major brands. Have you ever fished with a rod from Douglas Outdoors, Tom Morgan, or R.L. Winston? They all offer exceptionally well-engineered fly rods to meet a wide range of needs and budgets. If you have any questions, give us a call or take a quick minute to fill out our contact form. We’re always looking for a chance to talk to someone about fishing.

At Yellowstone Angler, we strive to show you a world-class fly fishing experience whether you’re trusting us to provide the best information about your new fly rod or taking advantage of our expert guide service. Our owner and General Manager, George, has spent his life in pursuit of his passion for fly fishing, and we love to share that passion with every customer. Fly rods are just the beginning of what you’ll find in our online store. We’re here to help you with all things fly fishing no matter how comfortable you are on the water.