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Flies and Fly Boxes

March 23rd, 2022

Humans have been fishing for subsistence as early as 40,000 BC. Using feathers fastened to a hook has been documented throughout history in many cultures and is referenced in literature as early as the 2nd Century AD. Some believe the classic Partridge and Orange soft hackle fly is the oldest documented pattern, appearing in British fishing literature in the late 1400s. Now this form of fishing with feathers has taken off and fly fishing has evolved into a technical game of precision and accuracy.

Today, flies are not just feathers tied to a hook. There are fly patterns mimicking aquatic and terrestrial insects, baitfish, amphibians, crustaceans, and even mice. These flies are tied on the lightest hooks for dry flies to heavy duty steel hooks for saltwater applications. At Yellowstone Angler we have a vast array of flies to meet your specific needs. We have you covered on dry flies, EP baitfish, nymphs, crustacean patterns, and a variety of streamers. If you have any questions about our flies or what patterns we recommended, we would be glad to assist you. Give us a call or fill out our east contact form online.

At Yellowstone Angler, our goal is to help you catch more fish and be prepared out on the water. We have you covered with top brands of rods, reels, flies, clothing, bags, and gear. Our products, available in-store or online, are manufactured by brands that are tried and trusted to maximize your fishing experience. Come by our shop located in Livingston, MT or reach out to us on our contact form or phone for more information. We always love the opportunity to talk to and guide fellow anglers in the right direction.

*all fly selection sales are final*