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Landing Nets for Any Fishing Adventure

Here at Yellowstone Angler we pride ourselves in our variety of tools and equipment available for the avid angler, landing nets included. Just like fly rods, there is a landing net specialized for every fishing situation. We currently offer nets from McLean, Fishpond, Rising, and Brodin, so no matter if you are fishing tiny alpine streams, or large freestone rivers, we have the exact landing net you need to bring those fish to hand.

Our selection of Brodin Nets is an industry standard. These nets are made from a thermoplastic rubber, and come in a variety of different sizes, enabling you to find the perfect net that meets your needs. From fishing out of a drift boat, to wading big trailwaters like the Bighorn and the San Juan, Brodin has a net for all of your adventures.

We also carry the ever popular Fishpond Nomad series here at Yellowstone. For a net that can handle the elements and anything else you try and put it through, this net will outlast them all. The Nomad series is constructed from carbon fiber, making them super durable, is UV protected so they don’t fade and crack in the sun, and is also buoyant, so if you you have slippery fingers, or forget to secure it back to your pack, you don’t have to worry about it sinking to the bottom of the river, never to be seen again. Available in long, short, or mid-length lengths, the Nomad landing nets don’t disappoint.