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Swinging a run in Paradise Valley last week.

Fishing on the Yellowstone has slowed down lately. We have seen a transition from mayflies to midges. If you are lucky enough to hit the river on a non-windy day, be sure to bring along some midge dries and zerbra midges for your dropper. The browns have been spawning, which means the main river runs have been pretty empty. Look for the majority of the fish to move into tail outs, side channels, and tributaries. Once the spawn is over we expect more fish to be back in their “normal” spots again. So far we have had a mild Fall, we’ll see what Winter brings… Give us a call to plan a trip or for a wind report: 1-406-222-7130.

Going on a Saltwater trip? Swing by the shop and to cast/compare a variety of good 9 foot #8, 9, 10, or 11 weights! Many discontinued items will also be on sale, including the grate late Lamson Liquid reels, and certain Orvis Helios 3D rods and Orvis Helios 3F rods.