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May 25, 2022

Fly fishing is a time-tested practice that has constantly evolved since its conception. From the reel seated at the butt of your rod, to the finely tuned rod it’s attached to, every aspect is a part of the angler’s fly fishing experience. But your fly rod can’t tell you where to go in search of the biggest freshwater or saltwater fish. While having the right equipment is important, having on-hand information, no matter where the water takes you, is just as crucial. Yellowstone Angler offers a selection of books, maps and DVDs to provide answers to your questions about fly fishing before your next trip.

Having reference resources when you’re out in the middle of a fishing excursion could be the difference between a successful day on the water and a mundane hike in the woods. We offer a wide variety of informational books, maps, and DVDs discussing fly fishing locations, fish species, and several other topics of interest. For veteran fishermen, our detailed selection includes books featuring everything from how to understand and choose the proper drag for your fly reel, to destinations assured to be attractive to the most experienced anglers. If you’re a local to Montana, we offer exclusive books on the premier fishing locations for the avid angler, information on the ideal season, incredible locations, and fly rods and reels to bring along on your adventure. In the Northwest, we have popular reading material on fly fishing in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and more. Whether you’re backwoods fly fishing, traversing streams and rivers, or tackling rapids, you’ll want a foolproof system that won’t fail you if you lose your GPS signal. At Yellowstone Angler we offer maps of our home state of Montana, as well as many other popular and sought-after fishing destinations. Check out our “Lost River Maps” and “Montana Afloat River Maps” for information specific to the river you’re fishing. We also have fun and informative DVDs in a variety of genres, from modern fishing adventures like “Tardon”, to quirky informational options like “A Foam Odyssey” featuring fly fishing in the South Island of New Zealand, and the construction of a series of flies the likes of which had never been seen before.

At Yellowstone Angler, we make it our mission to provide world-class fly fishing services that go beyond that of your fly fishing arsenal. Ensuring that we outfit our clients with not only premier fly rods, reels, and equipment, but also the intangible knowledge found in our fly fishing books and Lost River Maps. Check out our complete fly fishing inventory online or stop into our store next time you’re in the Livingston area. No matter your experience, we are here to help you with all aspects of your fly fishing adventure.