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Armstrongs spring creek
Armstrong's Brown That Fell For A Deer Hair Emerger

It was bright and sunny on the creeks yesterday.  There were a few stray baetis around in the morning.  By 11 am the fish were keyed into the pmd emergence.  I did really well on the bwo short swing emerger and harrops transistional pmd nymph early on.  Once the hatch progressed the fish started keying in on the emerging duns.  The duns were quite large as expected at the start of a hatch about a size 14.  I took several nice fish with a PMD Deer Hair Emerger and a tailwater dun.  The strongest part of the hatch lasted until about 2 o’clock.

Armstrong’s Spring Creek Open Rods

2 open June 26th
1 open June 28th
3 open June 29th
3 open July 1st
1 open July 5th
1 open July 6th

Armstrong's Bow that fell for a short wing BWO emerger