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Wade only for a while...
Patagonia R1 Neoprene Gloves

We didn’t get much snow from the storm, (maybe 2 or 3 inches is all).  Temperatures did drop significantly however,  the bank’s thermometer in town read -1.  Add a steady 35 north wind to that and your fingers will loose dexterity in about 2 minutes.  Solution?  Catch a brown in the first 120 seconds, reel in, and feel happy you didn’t get skunked.  Solution #2?  Neoprene gloves.   We’ve always hated fishing in gloves (until now) because they were either too bulky or didn’t allow you to maintain good line control.  We stock both Patagonia’s R1 neoprene gloves and Glacier Gloves, which fit tight, enabling you to strip line, strip strike, even hand retrieve.  You can get them as wet as you want (not above the cuff obviously) and they are better for keeping slime on fish than felt or other fabrics out there.  The only down side is they do not dry so well overnight, so if you fish every day, or are going on a trip, you might pick up 2 pairs and rotate wearing / drying them.  They also rock when it’s your turn to row.  More cushion for the pushin’ on the oars, plus they pick up icy anchor rope with ease.  If you like to fish in the winter and don’t have a pair yet, look into it.