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Chris Coyne and Mandie Day enjoying a warm Winter day.
Mandie Day of Clyde Park with a nice Bighorn Brown...

Tailwaters and Spring Creeks continue to be the name of the game as these winter storms roll through.  Look for the warm days before or after the storm and you’ll likely find some good fishing.  If you are looking to fish dries a midge pattern is going to be your best bet.  Try a hi-vis midge cluster or Griffith’s Gnat with a midge emerger or midge larva dropper.  Most folks have been throwing streamers on the Horn or other tailwaters and the browns have been eating them!  While you’d expect a slow strip would work best during the winter, we’ve had decent luck with faster strips, then pausing to let your streamer sink, followed by stripping quickly again.  If a slower retrieve is working for you stick with it.  Swinging flies can be a fun way to fish as well right now, just be sure your fly has a stinger on it as the fish can get a little nippy right now.  In general smaller streamers are a better way to go on Tailwaters and Spring Creeks, but you never know right?!  Black is going to be hard to beat over here, although tan or white are worth tying on for a while.  Drive safe, stay warm, have fun!