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The Browns are off their redds and have returned to their "normal" holding spots

Finally we are catching browns in their normal spots again.  While there are probably still a few browns still spawning, for the most part they are done and ready to eat a replenishing meal.  The browns have returned to rip-rap banks, big runs, and riffles.  Now the only issue is battling the wind and cold.  Guides have been icing up, we’ve had some 40-60 mph winds, and water temperatures are chilly to say the least.  If you decide to get our for a couple hours, wade fishing is your best option.  Pick a couple spots and drive to them (that way you can thaw out in the car on the way to your next wade fishing spot).  If you are really getting after it and decide to float make sure to call the shuttle companies the day before as they may not be willing to shuttle the section you want to float.  Starting in December we no longer recommend floating due to the multiple dangers present on the river during winter.

Ducks taking off on upper DePuy's Spring Creek

The smarter (and better fishing) option is to fish the Spring Creeks right now.  The baetis have dwindled down but there are plenty of fish eating midge dries.  Since the water is a steady 52 degrees, the fish are much more actively feeding in the Creeks than the river.  Winter rates are down to $40 a rod at DePuy’s, Armstrong’s, and Nelson’s.  Take a look at the weather, try to pick a calm/cloudy day and give them a call to book a rod.  Or if you’d like us to handle the details, or even arrange a guide give us a call.  406-222-7130.