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Erika Figge with her first big brown! Photo: Eric Figge
Heidi Figgie leading the way! Photo: Eric Figge

As many of you know, the browns have been on the prowl, looking for larger “buggy” nymphs, buggers, and streamers.  Many guides are throwing darker colors which show up better from a distance, as well as some flashy flies like the sparkle minnow, tomb raider, or their own home ties.  You can get away with 01x tippet right now and the fish are definitely in the mood to eat, as long as they can see your fly.  Make it easy on them by reading the water, looking to dump your flies into slow foam eddies, deep seams, behind rocks, ect.   Also, as the old bighorn joke goes – “you know the difference between a good nymph fisherman and a great one?  Two more split shot!”