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Guide Ray Bernardo and Finn Jenssen strike gold. Photo: Paul Huber

We heard a report today that it hailed hard on the Gardner River this afternoon so keep an eye on the graphs for both the Gardner and Lamar.  Mid-Valley down should be clear for sure as with only a 20% chance of rain tonight.  We’ve had mixed reports lately, but most of the guides we work with have been getting them.  The clouds definitely have been helping out, and for the most part they have been burning off by noon.  Afternoons have been productive with chubbies and hoppers however.  Evenings have also been fishing well, expect to have some caddis dry fly fishing right up until dark.  If you can’t get out early try a late start, from 4:00 on.  As long as you give us a day or so lead time we can easily arrange a full day float for you and if you call the day of often we can arrange a 1/2 day or evening float. As always give us a call for the latest clarity/wind report – 406-222-7130.

Ray and Paul Huber with a solid afternoon brown... Photo: Finn Jenssen