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Colin Loper and outfitter Brian Sienkowski with a stout 21.5" Madison Brown. Photo: Trey Mann
Laura Blackmon representin' ... Photo: Paul Bloch

The Yellowstone had a couple plugs of mud pass through but is now looking good from top to bottom.  Right now the Lamar CFS station doesn’t seem to be showing a normal graph, but as far as we know there isn’t another spike.  Even if there was a spike, the lower Valley or Town down will be a safe bet.  In general mornings still seem to be fishing best but there has also been a strong evening bite – even with smaller hoppers!  Although many fish have already been caught on size 12-14 hoppers, we feel the prime time “hoppertunity” will be in about two weeks.  The brown stones have moved up from the lower Yellowstone to the Valley now, so bring some rubber leg nymphs if you are headed up high as well as some stonefly dries.  Most people will be fishing dry flies up high, so those who are willing to nymph or throw streamers should do well.  Now that the mud has passed through Big Timber we should see some bigger fish getting caught on streamers again down low…