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Between Pine and Carters, 2/23

It has certainly been one of the strangest Februaries we can remember.  Looking at weather underground, the max temp for February was 65°F and the min was -13°!  Just recently (the past two days) the Yellowstone has started to ice up again and floating (or even wade fishing) is not recommended.   Yesterday the areas that you’d want to fish (the slower eddies and edges) were iced over.   Today’s 45°F temps helped melt away some of those ice shelves but the water temperature is still very low and the next few days look pretty chilly.  Once this arctic air blows through however and we have several days in a row in the 40-50°F range the Yellowstone will be worth looking at again.  For the next few days the Spring Creeks are going to be your best option around here.  Give us a call anytime as winter fishing conditions are always changing…  406-222-7130.

Looking chilly for a while...