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Like mother like daughter - Patti Johnson and Amy Harmer with one of many doubles this week!
Alex Kovar - Man on fire!

An amazing amount of clients have gotten doubles this week on the Yellowstone, smaller streamers, and inside Yellowstone National Park.  The Yellowstone is in perfect shape right now.  Mornings have been fishing quite well and on cloudy days, the afternoons have produced some fantastic dry fly fishing.  On the hottest days, mid day has been the slowest; mornings and evenings have been better.  We’ve heard rumors (and one confirmed photo) of two girls catching 24 inch browns this week.  The big ones are definitely on the prowl right now… Hot flies this week: yellow stimulators, kyle’s beadhead sally, PMX’s, elk hairs, Chubbies, rubbies, goblins, hoppers, home invaders, bow river buggers, big princes, pheasant tails, softhackles, you name it – they’re eating it.  Come August we’ll have to start getting sneakier with fly selection, but right now fish are all over any fly with a decent presentation.      3X for most dries, 2X for nymphs, 0X for streamers… get out there before the fish start to recognize the most popular patterns!