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Starr Corcoran, with two rainbows and a brown! Photo: Britney Denny.
Morgan Haring joins in on all the fun... Photo: Todd Barber

There has been an absolute plethora of bugs out there on the Stone right now!   We’ve been seeing as many caddis on the water right now as we did back in mid-may during Mother’s day caddis.  On top of that the salmonflies and goldenstones have exploded the bushes and up to Carbella already.  Add some sallies and chocolate caddis to that and you have a full on feeding frenzy going on the stone…  Get out there while you can before the fish get gorged or before they get caught too many times on big fluffy dries.  If you have time to float and need a guide give us that last minute call for an epic day on the water!  406-222-7130.  On a side note for folks interested in fishing the spring creeks, PMD’s have been going strong between 10-2:00 everyday.  Pick up a variety of PMD nymphs, emergers, sparkle duns, compara duns, no hackles, and spinners.  Rates have gone up to $125 per angler now that we are in “prime time” with limited available spacing.  Feel free to give us a call and we can try to get you a rod or two…

Staff member Lars Axelsen getting out after work... Photo: Danielle Pease