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Orvis fluorocarbon Mirage tippet
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Once again Orvis has a strong following in the shop with their Mirage Fluorocarbon material.   While it is significantly larger in 2X, and relatively larger in 4X, their 6X is spot on and very strong.  Spring Creek aficionados will appreciate Mirage’s blend of stiffness for casting into the wind, while still remaining supple enough to get a good drift. 

Orvis came out with a new spool design this year.  We like the switch to black instead of clear, as well as the slightly larger arbor.  Also their tippet tender has been improved with a wider brass hole for the tippet to pass through and a wider tender itself, making it easier to read which “X” the materials are.  While the spools click together, we feel the old spools were actually easier to “unclick.”  This material has been a staple for years and with such a strong following, it looks like it has earned its spot on the tippet wall indefinitely.