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P-Line CFX fluorocarbon tippet
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P-Line CFX measured about the same as P-Line Shinsei in 4X and 6X, but actually tested as 1X instead of 2X.  Strangely enough, P-line FFX 2X was much thicker than Shinsei.  This extra thickness was confirmed when trying to bite through 2X – taking the “tooth wrecker” award of the shootout.  OUCH…  Be sure to bring your nippers!

CFX comes on square-shaped spools that are wider than their Shinsei spools, and far too bulky for keeping 4-6 spools in a vest pocket.  The spools don’t click into each other and there is no tippet tender at all.  While the black tippet tab is cut deep enough to hold your tippet, it is also prone to falling out.