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Umpqua Superfluoro tippet
umpqua super fluoro
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Umpqua’ SuperFluoro ran thinner than many materials we tested, and was the thinnest 6X we tested, at an average of .122, (which is actually closer to 6.5X).  It was still over in 2X, (although not by much) and a hair over in 4X.  Breaking strength was pretty much equal to all but TroutHunter and Seaguar GrandMax.

Umpqua’s spools are well thought out with black, UV resistant large arbor spools.   We like their tippet tender (same as style as Rio’s) except all white with black writing for which “X” and the pound test.  Their spools click together well, and once you learn to adjust your grip while pulling tippet off, the material comes off smoothly.