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Every year we find gear on the banks of the Yellowstone and every year try to find the owners, but more often than not, the net, rod, or fly box are left unclaimed at the end of the season. We always wish we had a way to find the owners of the waterlogged gear, but that is rarely the case. Instead, we rely on word of mouth and social media posts to try and reunite the gear and it’s owner.

Enter: Karmik Outdoors Decals. These weatherproof decals each have unique QR codes and are available in different sizes and colors to suit your gear.

How it Works

Once you place the decal on your gear, you’ll want to register that code with your information. Simply use your smart phone to scan the QR code and fill out the form and add the gear to your account.

On the off chance that you leave your gear behind, the good samaritan who finds it can scan that same QR code with their smartphone and it will pull up your information. Karmik provides a reward for the finder upon the gear being returned.

“But this won’t work if the finder doesn’t follow through, right?”

Yes. Correct. I, like Karmik, like to believe that people are inherently good and want to return lost gear to it’s rightful owner. Alongside Karmik’s optimistic view of us humans, it also has conducted studies and found that the gear was returned to the owner within two days 75% of the time. That’s a whole heck of a lot higher than 0% of the time. Karmik says their decals “helps keep honest folks honest.” When folks find a return label or owner information they are much more likely to go through with returning the gear.

Karmik provides a reward for the finder once the gear is returned to the owner. The rewards vary on Karmik’s end and of course the gear’s original owner can choose to reward the finder further. The best reward of all though? Insane river karma.

What should I put it on?

The good news about Karmik decals is that they will stick to just about anything. I’ve put them in waders, on rods, fly boxes, even my hunting e-collar and remote for my dog. I’ve seen them on skis, anchors, oars, camera gear, and more. To me, the $10 cost seems like a good investment for a better chance at getting my gear returned. The labels come in different sizes (the Anywhere Decal fits a rod perfectly) and different colors– reflective and non-reflective. The decals are super high quality and won’t peel off, smudge, or fade like you may find with a sharpie or other stickers. Karmik Decals have a lifetime warranty and will always work hard to make it right if your decal becomes unreadable.

Okay, I want one!

You’re in luck! We sell Karmik Decals in store and online. Check ’em out here: