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Yeah, they're getting big, and juicy...

Hoppers have been working well for a while now, typically fished in the smaller sizes (#10-12).  Now that the hoppers have had a chance to grow all summer we’ve been fishing larger hoppers, (#6-8) especially in heavier/faster water located below waves and rapids.  Perhaps the fish look up and see these larger hoppers and chubbies and take them for a giant brown stone adult, or perhaps they see a big, fat, juicy hopper.  Fishing a big hopper is a bit like streamer fishing as it takes commitment.  You have to put in some time and to get the best drift/twitch you may have to skip the dropper.  Give it a try for a while the next time you float, the fish are certainly looking up and fishing a big dry will give you a shot at the one.  Be sure to get a long drift as the larger browns expect to see a hopper or stonefly adult coming from a long way away.  Give us a call to book a guide while the summer is still here! 406-222-7130.

Dan the man with a strong fighting rainbow. Photo: Marcus McGuire