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Joe Dorn with a sharp looking brown. Photo: Eric Paulson

The Yellowstone is really starting to shape up now, with flows around 3,3o0 CFS.  Finally we are starting to see the shelves, drop offs, and rock gardens that are hard to see in higher water.  Hoppers continue to fish well, despite the fact that we haven’t seen tons of naturals on the water yet.  

Early to mid September should on fire, with even less CFS and more hoppers around.   Book soon, as this season looks like one of our busiest Septembers yet.  Surely the hogs will be in the faster water trying to cool off, get oxygen, and look for big, fat, juicy hoppers helplessly floating down the river.  Since the bigger fish will likely be on the look out for impostors, it will be important to get a super long drift.  If you’re in the bow of the boat, try to cast far ahead of the boat, while still maintaining line control for your strike.  Make sure to let the big one eat, sometimes they come up to the fly a lot slower than you’d expect.  A  micro twitch can sometimes help, but over twitching can turn the big ones off.  When in doubt, just leave it…

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Joe Gallo with a nice brown taken with Guide Doug Mcknight a while ago. Photo: Wayne Huyard