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Dan Soltau gets a nice one on his Smoke 'N Mirrors streamer...
Paul Bloch with a solid brown from the Lower Madison... Photo: Star Corcoran

The Yellowstone came up from around 12,000 CFS yesterday to a whopping 19,000 CFS today and is still rising.  Needless to say even scenic floating on the Yellowstone is not recommend right now due to massive logs floating down and some nasty hydraulics.  For now we have been targeting other rivers in the Bozeman area and doing quite well with streamers, caddis, crayfish patterns, soft hackles, lightning bugs, and rubberlegs.  The weather has been warming up but the Upper Madison has been hanging in there for a while.  The lower Madison has been a our go-to river right now and has been fishing well.  If you are up for a longer drive or a two day trip, the Missouri has been fishing great as has the Bighorn.  As for the Spring Creeks, the baetis are staring to slow down and the PMD’s have yet to come, leaving scuds and midges as the main food source until Mid June.  There are certainly several great options out there if you on vacation and would like to fish right now.  Give us a call if you’d like to book a trip!  406-222-7130.

Tyler with a nice Lower Madison brown. Photo: Paul Bloch