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Frog’s Fanny

Great for CDC and small flies!!  Our favorite dry fly powder.  Use the brush!!!!!


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Great for CDC and small flies.

Do you enjoy fishing spring creeks or tailwaters with small dry flies? If so, this is the ultimate floatant for you! You can choose to apply the silicate to your fly directly with Frog Fanny’s application brush, or you can shake it on like Dry Shake. One thing we like about Frog’s Fanny is its consistency.

The entire bottle is all a fine powder, whereas the bottom of a Dry Shake bottle has larger, more granular crystals, similar to kosher salt. We’ve found the Frog Fanny’s finer powder better than anything for drying your flies and getting them to ride high and dry, especially those CDC patterns. A lot of guides like the larger Dry Shake bottle.

They will buy Dry Shake first, use about half of it, and refill their Dry Shake bottle with Frog’s Fanny. This gives them the convenience of a quick shake, along with the finest silicate powder!