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GUIDELINE Presentation+ WF Fly Lines


The first Presentation line came in 2002 and has been a bestseller for many years. Originally designed for trout anglers who like to hang out in smaller rivers or lakes, where stealth, accuracy and presentation is more important than distance casting.

Presentation is a great all-round line that is easy to cast and performs very well at distances up to just over 20 meters. When you are casting from tight positions, this line outperforms lines with longer heads. You can carry less line outside the tip and shoot further with a Presentation WF.

Having a major part of the weight in the rear also makes it a perfect line for all kinds of water-born casts like spey- and switch casts. Presentation is a fast line due to its short back taper and compressed belly. The long front taper gives a smooth transition of speed into the leader that makes is present beautifully during dry fly fishing with normal or long leaders. In WF #5 and 6 it has enough power to cast heavy nymphs and streamers.


On this new generation of the line called Presentation+, we have improved the versatility even more by increasing the thickness of the handling- and running lines. This helps to balance the turnover and give the line a more rigid/balanced flight in the air. It also offers you the possibility to work with even more line than the actual head length outside of the rod tip when you cast. Presentation+ offers better balance and stability in the loops and you will not get that “hinged” feeling that is common on shorter head lines.

The length to weight ratio in the head of this line is carefully selected to give the line enough punch and velocity to load the rod nicely and turn over wind resistant flies. This line taper works well on windy days and will be less affected than a longer belly line with its weight distributed over a greater length of the head.  The short belly offers great ability to perform various presentation casts and speed changes. Despite the low line diameter, this line floats well and the slick and supple coating improves casting performance and reduces problems with memory even on cold days.

Presentation+ WF is built on a braided multifilament core with a little stretch. There are small, factory-made welded loops in the front and back end of the line and a laser ID marking near the tip. The color of the head is Pale Greyish Gold and the shooting line has a subtle Cool Grey tone. The fly line box and spool are eco-friendly and recyclable.

Line Size

5 wt


WF Floating