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Knot 2 Kinly Knottable Leader Wire- #25

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Frustrated with changing kinked rigs when fishing with steel leaders? Then step up to Knot 2 Kinky Nickel-Titanium Leader Wire, a super-elastic alloy which can be stretched and bent at least ten times more than ordinary steel leaders, without permanent deformation! Knot 2 Kinky Wire allows a fish to apply an enormous bite, then stretches and recovers while steel leaders snap under the same conditions. And, because the wire is annealed through a special process, it’s “programmed” to remain straight.

Both inshore and offshore anglers have experienced the frustration and wasted time of using a steel leader with its constant kinking and bending, which causes baits to swim improperly. Now, instead of having to change or re-tie rigs, you can get your rig back in the water with Knot 2 Kinky Nickel-Titanium Leader Wire. Made in USA.

  • Super-elastic nickel and titanium alloy
  • Stretches and bends 10 times more than ordinary steel leaders
  • “Programmed” to remain straight
  • Knottable