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Micro Skagit D² Sink Tips (Dual Density T6) Micro Tip


Micro Skagit D² (Dual Density) Tips (sink/float) are built with the OPST 3WT-5WT Micro Skagit series, 5wt and up single-hand rods, and Trout Spey Rods in mind.  When Ed Ward talks, one should listen, and we did.  Being one of the original creators of the MOW tip, he saw a need for a lighter, dual-density option for customers chasing trout, bass, and other smaller species, and we met that need!  The specs will be 8 feet long. One is 8ft full sink, one is 6ft sink/2ft float, and the final one is half and half 4ft sink/4ft float, to cover most on-the-water needs. These tips will give you a different angle of attack in the water than our density-compensated tip options and are a Must Have tool for the toolbox on the water.

Line Size

4FT/4FT, 6FT/2FT, 8FT