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Swerve "Birdman" Morris with a pretty buck on a Flutterbug. Photo: Eric Paulson

Salmonfly fever is still happening out there, most guide boats have been heading to either the Upper Madison or the Yellowstone.  The bugs have been rather spotty, so if you notice some natural salmonflies or goldenstones in a particular stretch of bushes, hit the oars hard and fish your big dries as close to the willows as possible.  If you can get a cast in tight to the willows, you’ll definitely see some action. If your fly lands over 12 inches away from the willows, twitch it once or twice, pick it up, and fire it back in there even tighter.   The Flutterbug has been on fire, (get some while supplies still last).  Remember to keep this fly moving on the surface as if it were a naturaly skittering across the water.  This fly is best fished without a dropper in that respect.  Rubber legs have also been a red hot fly right now, along with green beadhead crystal buggers, black leadeyes, and bow river buggers.