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The Streamer bite has been slow but gradually getting better as water temps increase.

We are finally starting to see some Spring Baetis coming off, both on the Yellowstone and on the Spring Creeks.  While the majority of the bugs are still midges, it seems like the fish in the Spring Creeks are noticing the Baetis and keying in on them.  Of course it takes perfect conditions to have spectacular dry fly fishing on the creeks, namely clouds and very little wind.  On the river we’ve been seeing a lot more midges than baetis, with exception of Pine to Carter’s where “spill-over” baetis from the creeks are more abundant, and way down low.  Speaking of low, the CFS on the Yellowstone is just above a grand at 1,180.  This means take your buddies boat, or a raft if possible as you are bound to hit some rocks.  Town has been a little tricky, so plan on some agile maneuvering on the oars.  No surprise, nymph fishing is still the best way to stay locked on the Stone.  Look for slower inside armpits, deeper slots, buckets, cliff walls, and other fishy looking spots.   If you are after a big one dead drifting a streamer is a good way to go until the water temps warm up and the fish start chasing a stripped streamer better.  As always feel free to give us a call for a wind report or to book a guide.  406-222-7130.