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The Schnaderbuck! Erick Schnaderbeck battling the elements... Photo: Clay Mullins

Things have been pretty cold in Montana the past couple weeks, but if you wait for warmer weather, (or less wind) you might not be fishing until April.  In general, the fishing has been very slow out there, but if you are willing to get some cold fingers and toes there might be a fish reward in it for you here and there.  Dress for success and you will be able to stay warm out there.  If you do not layer up appropriately or bring the proper cold weather gear, it could be a short day, or a long miserable day.

That water is cold! John bond taking the frozen finger honors...
"Cold, Rain, and Snow... time to go where those chilly winds don't blow"

If fishing around Montana in the winter doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, consider going on a bonefish trip to Mexico, the bahamas, or Belize.  We stock a good selection of flies for bonefish, permit, and tarpon.  Stop by the shop anytime and we’d be happy to show you some of the best patterns.

Midges on the Lower Madison

If you are hoping to get some dry fly action in, midges are going to be your best shot.  Even on windy days, midges will stock up on the leeward side of rocks, logs, and other obstructions.  Afternoons are typically your best bet to find active fish as the water temperatures are going to be slightly warmer.  We have seen a lot of midges out there on both the Yellowstone and Lower Madison, (as well as the Paradise Valley spring creeks), but unfortunately, the conditions have to be just right to find rising fish.  In the mean time you can nymph with stoneflies, worms, serendipities, prince nymphs, or midge larva patterns.   You can also take a stab at swinging or streamer fishing, although be sure to let your streamer get deep and close to the bottom as the fish are not moving very far in the water column to chase this time of year.

Saturday 2/3