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Queen of the Waters (6/30)

The Yellowstone has been dropping and looks like it could be under 10,000 CFS as early as next week. The river still has quite a bit of brown color to it today (6/30) but will be getting better as flows drop even more. The next issue is boat ramps. Here is a link to the FWP restrictions and closures. Check this link out for updates on which ramps are open or closed (if you scroll down the page you can see an interactive map. The red symbols are closed, the purple signify partially closed. Today FWP opened 89 to Sheep Mountain, which was previously closed due to a down power line.

We are still unsure about McConnell, Joe Brown and Carbella being open or closed since they are not FWP access points. McConnell and Joe Brown have had recent work done on the ramps and look good, but we are unsure if they are officially open or not. The boat ramp at Carbella has a lot of new sand on the cement ramp, including a big drop off that looks problematic for backing a drift boat all the way to the water… We’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear more. Give us a call anytime to book a guide or for the latest report! 1-406-222-7130.

Click HERE for the most current FWP openings and closures…
McConnell Landing (Forrest Service – 6/30)
Brogan’s Landing (6/30)
Brogan’s Landing – looks like this one will be closed for a while… (6/30)
Cinnabar (6/30)

Joe Brown (Forrest Service – 6/30)

Carbella (BLM – 6/30)
Carbella (BLM – 6/30)
Point of Rocks (6/30)
26 (6/30)
Emigrant (6/30)
Emigrant (6/30)
Grey Owl (6/30)
Mill Creek Bridge (6/30)
Loch Leven (6/30)
Mallard’s Rest – could be closed for the season?? (6/30)
Erosion on the road’s corner above Mallard’s Rest… (6/30)
Pine Creek (6/30)
Carter’s Bridge (6/30)