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Greg Ruidl and Brian Sienkowski with a stunning Yellowstone brown! Photo: Jeff Ruidl

The Yellowstone has been fishing well the past few days.  Fish have been eating baetis, hecubas, rubberlegs, streamers and even hoppers.  The recent rainy weather really helped improve the streamer bite today.  The temporary bad news is that all this rain made the Yellowstone muddy and we may have mud for a couple days.  The Lamar had a big spike and the Yellowstone came up in town as well.  There is a chance you could beat the mud by going way low tomorrow, especially if you are willing to go past Big Timber.  Otherwise it looks like we might be fishing the Madison for the next few days, particularly if you want to float the Valley or Town.  We’ll know more in the morning, give us a call for the latest conditions, or to book a trip:  406-222-7130

Like Father like son! Jeff Ruidl with a brown of his own... Photo: Brian Sienkowski