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Josh Edwards back on track! Photo: Van G.
Van Gravage, keeping the legend alive!

The weather this weekend was a little chilly, however those who were willing to brave the storm managed to land a few nice fish.  The good news is that this week looks like warmer temperatures (Tuesday high 48 °F, Wednesday high 52 °F, Thursday high 48 °F, and Friday a high of 53 °F).  So far Thursday looks like the best clouds.  Now is a great time to get out there before the browns settle down on their redds.  For whatever reason flashy and white streamers weren’t working nearly as well as last week.  Olive, brown, and black were a little more consistent talking to most folks.  Stinger hooks (located right at the end of the fly) have definitely helped catch a few fish that were just barely hooked, especially the larger browns that have likely been caught before.  For dry fly enthusiasts, there have been lots of baetis out right now, although most of the trout eats look like they taking emergers over the duns…