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The Nomad "Boat Net"

If you haven’t seen the new nets made by Nomad you should check them out.  They are made out of carbon fiber and a fiberglass composite, making them extremely light and pleasant to handle.  They also float, which is nice if you happen to drop it in the midst of a lake hog photo shoot.  While some people prefer the clear “ghost” rubber netting, (supposedly it spooks the fish less while netting), I like actually prefer the black netting for photography.  The boat net and guide net have a classy built in tape up to 27″ along the side of the handle which makes for quick and easy measuring.  Buyer beware however, these nets are not cheap.  Depending on the model, they retail between $115 – $229.  That being said, I have broken at least 5 metal and wood laminated nets.  As long as you’re not prone to loosing nets, buying a Nomad would be a great investment.  Give us a call if you would like us to send you one, and we’ll throw in free UPS ground shipping.   They come in 4 different sizes, the hand net (26″ – $115), the Mid-Length (37″ – $149), the Guide net (48″ – $189), and the boat net (55″ – $229).  406-222-7130.