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The Trude?! You can't handle the Trude!
Sienkowski with a clean cutty

The Yellowstone has been fishing well on top the last couple days.  Be sure to bring a dry fly rod as Caddis, March Browns, Baetis and midges have been coming off in good numbers.  The clarity is currently around 2 feet of visibility, but this will likely decrease as we have several days in the 70’s this week.  Night time temps will be just above freezing, which will help keep the river in check from a total blow out, but if you want to hit the stone before the mud hits you better go soon.  5/2 down low was actually pretty slow for streamers.  The dry fly fishing (while spotty) was good when you found the pods.  Most of the fish were 8-14 inches.  When you see risers, (likely in the foam), be sure to roll in stealthy as any banging of the oars or the bottom of the boat will put them down for a while.  Yesterday fished very well from 1:30 – 5:00, then the cold front blew in and the caddis disappeared for the most part.   Today looks raining and more like a baetis / March brown day.  If you are looking for caddis in the next couple days, anywhere from Emigrant to Springdale should be good.   Again, the hatch has been spotty, so when you see lots of caddis or risers you’ll want to anchor up and work them.