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We just got home from our annual Argentina trip and everyone is still reeling from the trip of a lifetime. The fishing at both lodges was difficult and the conditions were tough, but everyone worked hard and managed to get the fish of a lifetime.

Jurassic Lake Sunrise

Estancia Río Capitán

Estancia Río Capitán was a new lodge for us and was a great add on to Jurassic Lake Lodge. The fish here are generally smaller than Jurassic but it was a great place for everyone to hone their skills and get ready for the Jurassic monsters.

The Lodge at Estancia Río Capitán

One of the highlights of Río Capitán is the small spring creeks they have access to. These creeks are loaded with fish and every pool was better than the last making it a tough call to leave and make the long walk back to the trucks.

One of the spring creeks at Estancia Río Capitán. Small + not very technical = FUN!

The Río Capitán itself was the highlight of the three days of fishing. It was extremely challenging due to the strong winds (~100km) but that is where the nicest fish were caught.

Looking Down the Río Capitán
Phil Meng and Guide Valentin Giusto with a big Río Capitán rainbow. “Sidney Stonestreet” Photo: Juan Oroná
Logan with a good one from the Río Capitán. Photo: Juan Oroná

Jurassic Lake Lodge

After a bumpy transfer drive we were all eager to get some fishing in at Jurassic Lake Lodge. Lunch was eaten quickly and we were in our waders shortly after our arrival. Jurassic Lake Lodge manages anglers through a beat system, but the first afternoon was a “free day” allowing returning guests to fish familiar spots, and new guests have the opportunity to get a taste of what is in store for the week to come.

“The Boca”

The Boca or river mouth is always a hotspot and anglers were quick to realize why. A lot of fish were stacked in the river mouth early on in the week. Later in the week the fish didn’t seem as eager and were tougher to fool. A slow stripped olive balance leech or a squimy wormy proved to be the best two flies in the Boca.

Phil with another big one!! Guide: Brian Devetak – Photo: Frank Martin
Checking out the board to see what beat you get. “Make friends with the wind”
Bob Wilson with a big one from the Boca. Photo/Guide: Santiago

The Bay of Pigs proved to be as challenging as it always has been. Without the use of a spey rod the wind there makes it nearly impossible to fish. The best spot is still standing on the rocks but with the lake level dropping anglers are now able to wade out into the bay. This is a fun way to fish but prepare to get wet. The big waves are easily above the top of your waders.

Chromer from the Bay of Pigs. Photo: Brian Devetak

The River and Aquarium Pool had lower water than average but there were still plenty of fresh fish willing to eat smaller dries, mice and rubberleg nymphs. For those wanting an escape from the wind this was a favorite beat of the week.

Bob Wilson with a dry fly sipper from the Aquarium Pool. Photo/Guide: Santiago M

The lodge itself is better than ever with bigger beds and the same world class food they are known for. One thing to be careful of is the “Night of the Puma’s Milk,” where guests are required to drink a shot of “Puma’s Milk” for every transgression throughout the week. Don’t get caught sleeping in in the morning or napping on the bank or a shot is in your future.

Don’t be late or get caught napping – “Night of the Puma Milk”
Rainbow surfer – Bay of Pigs. Photo: Stefan Haider/AOS Fly Fishing

If you haven’t joined us on one of our trips be sure to contact us soon as spaces are always limited. We are going back to Jurassic in January of 2021 and have a few limited spots remaining. Also if you are going to either locations we are here and always happy help or answer any questions you may have.

‘Till Next Time