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Doug Swift and Doug Mcknight doing things right... Photo: Dan Swift
Matt Carara on board with a salmonfly dry pig brown! Photo: Mitchell Livingston John Werbell V.

Needless to say the Yellowstone has been fishing very well lately.  Most of the action (and boat traffic) has been above emigrant chasing the salmonfly hatch.   Big bugs have now been spotted as high as Gardiner down to Loch now, with the bulk of the bugs staged up in the willows below Carbella.  Getting out early (and ahead of the crowd) is always a good plan, as is putting on late late in the evening and floating until dark.  Last night we saw quite a few fish jumping on Chocolate Caddis as well as salmonflies, goldenstones, and sallies.  A size #12 chocolate Goddard has been the perfect fly for these, and something slightly different than what most anglers have been throwing.  A Turk’s Tarantula would be another good pattern to throw now that quite a few fish have been poked by bigger bugs…