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Clarity at Emigrant 7/7/16 - two to three feet of visibility

Recent rains have created a bit of tiger strip effect on the Yellowstone lately.  Currently mid valley down is clear, with more mud on the way (from Soda Butte).  Also keep in mind this weekend is the infamous “boat float.”  Expect to see about 50 boats, rafts, and other types of watercraft putting in today at Mayor’s Landing (Friday 7/8).  If joining the rowdy crowd sounds fun, folks will be floating down and camping along the Yellowstone the next few days.  If you think you’d rather fish elsewhere just keep this in mind.  The boat float technically goes all the way to Billings, however most people end up taking out at Reed Point.

Both Spruce Moths and Caddis are thick on the bird right now... (photo 7/7/16)

There are a lot of hatches out on the Yellowstone right now.  We’ve been fishing caddis, stoneflies, spruce moths, streamers, and attractors.  Sections of the river are “spotty” (with both fish and bugs), so don’t worry if one section doesn’t seem to be red hot, you’ll likely get into fish around the next bend.  Or for the best results, give us a call to book a guide!  406-222-7130.

Water clarity 7/7 near Loch Leven... 2-3 feet of "green is good" visibility...